Essilor® Sun Solution™: beyond the ordinary

Every day, Essilor® Sun Solution™ reinvents the magic of vision in the sun. Much more than ordinary sun lenses, our solutions are at the cutting edge of technology and fashion, to give you an unparalleled optical experience.

The most extraordinary component of sun glasses

Our belief? The extraordinary reveals itself in the art of the detail. Our sun lens collections are the result of a concentration of technology, innovation, and trends, designed to push the limits of the ordinary:

We create sun lenses that are both technical and aesthetic, which transform and adapt to all sunlight conditions. Regardless of your surroundings, our innovative solutions will give you an unparalleled optical experience, from day to day and during the most extreme situations.

Our sun lenses are designed to be the most extraordinary component of sun glasses. They react and transform themselves according to the surrounding environment to enhance vision in the heat of action and to be at the forefront of fashion.

For the pleasure of seeing... and being seen

Beyond technical performance: we make our sun lenses a genuine fashion accessory. Supported by top design firms and the best optical experts, we pair trend analysis with optical performance.

The result? We create no ordinary sun lenses, at the crossroads of inspiration and innovation, to combine the pleasure of seeing with the pleasure of being seen.

Essilor® Sun Solution™ at a glance:

  • 30 years of expertise
  • 1 cutting edge fields, for 1 areas of expertise:

     KOLOR UP™
  • 1500 passionate people working for you
  • 5 industrial sites throughout the world: France, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, China

An eye on 5 values

  • Vision: we anticipate the slightest need of our consumers, always with lead time. Our experts develop and create innovative technical solutions in order to shape the market of tomorrow.
  • Passion: All our teams are motivated by the desire to provide quality customer service that goes beyond ordinary. What unites us? The desire to go ever further... for you.
  • Performance: our sun solutions defy the limits of the possible, to adapt to all sunlight conditions. For unparalleled optical quality, which combines sun protection with a surprising variety of optical experiences.
  • Audacity: to give you the best visual experience, we don't hesitate to think outside the box and explore the unknown, far out of our comfort zone. Nothing we do is ordinary.
  • Glamour: believing that the pleasure of seeing will always go hand in hand with the pleasure of being seen, we wanted to design solutions at the cutting edge of both technology and fashion. The perfect union of "high-tech" and "high-fashion". 

No ordinary history

Italian expertise since 1975

Essilor® Sun Solution™, has over 40 years of expertise and research in the field of sun lenses. Founded in Italy in 1975, the group has developed over the years and expanded into France, especially for non-prescription sun lenses.

Founding of Essilor® Sun Solution™

In 2014, Essilor® Sun Solution™ became its own separate brand, the result of a merger between two major, experienced groups: BNL Eurolens and Intercast Europe.

Intercast Europe, specialists in hard resin lenses

INTERCAST Europe is the supplier and world leader in organic lenses and optical filters aimed at protecting and improving vision. The company was founded in 1975 in Parma, Italy, to develop new materials and technologies in order to produce hard resin sun lenses.

BNL Eurolens, pioneer in polarized lenses in Europe

Since 2003, BNL Eurolens has been a subsidiary of Essilor Group, specializing in non-prescription sun lenses. Thanks to its stragegy of innovation, BNL Europe was the first supplier of polarized lenses in Europe. Their production is based in France and is the result of an ongoing search for technical and aesthetic innovation. BNL Eurolens is recognized for the quality, reliability, and technical expertise of its products.


A few dates...

  • 1975 Founding of INTERCAST in Parma (Italy), manufacturer of organic lenses and optical filters aimed at protecting and improving vision.
  • 1993 Founding of BNL Eurolens in Bellegarde-sur-Valserine (France), specializing in non-corrective sun lenses for manufacturers
  • 2003 BNL Eurolens joins Essilor Group
  • 2014 Birth of Essilor® Sun Solution™, the result of the merger between BNL Eurolens and Intercast Europe, after joining Essilor Group

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