Kolor Up™ Design Contest Award Ceremony

The three best designs selected from the many presented by the thirteen students in their final year of studies at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design on the Jewelry and Accessories Design BA course (which also includes curriculum on eyewear design) were revealed on October 7th during an award ceremony at Silmo. The whole Essilor® Sun Solution™ team is greateful to have had the chance to work with such talented young people, your creativity truly inspired us. 

First prize went to Denise Tatiana D’Orazio for the project Cycle

For the innovative design: the sunglasses can be worn as a pendant around your neck, transforming theKolor Up™lenses into a jewel.


Second prize goes to Juliana Vergara Rodriguez for the project Bulle Magnetique

For its very modern concept: just as in nature magnetosphere protects us from being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from solar wind, sunglasses with Kolor Up™ lenses protect your eyes and also allow you to see the world.

Third prize goes to Arianna Gambino for the project Fragmenta

For the modern innovative design which perfectly translates the concept: fragments, with its metal frame, is presented in various styles that combine the assorted colors of the Kolor Up™ lenses in order to let their best qualities shine and allow an individual, one of a kind style to be created.


Kolor Up™ lenses enhance the beauty of colors and help to see the world better.  The work of the  students can definitely be defined No ordinary, showing that a strong sun lenses concept can be the source of inspiration for innovative designs. We thank the IED and the students for this No ordinary partnership.

Christophe Mayet, VP Marketing at Essilor® Sun Solution™ Division.


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