Sport & Performance

Technical excellence at the service of your passion

Unlock the full potential of your athletic endeavors with our Sport & Performance solutions, where optical excellence takes center stage. Experience extraordinary quality and unmatched visual comfort, tailored to suit your athletic profile. Whether you engage in running, cycling, or any other activity, we have concocted an exhilarating blend of Sun Technologies specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Embrace technical superiority to conquer your challenges and immerse yourself completely in your passion, unrestricted by your environment's limitations. Bid farewell to annoying reflections, fogging, and glare that hinder your progress.

Running sunglasses
Biking & Running

Unleash your full potential: you hold the power to surpass your own boundaries! Harness the unprecedented visual clarity to push yourself to new horizons and synchronize with the rhythm of your adventures, never pausing along the way.

Golf sunglasses

Seek technology that matches your exceptional performance requirements: embrace extraordinary vision quality, enhanced visual acuity... Step into our realm of precision and discover a world crafted to perfection!

Fishing sunglasses

For enthusiasts of the deep blue sea and those who adore lakes and riverside getaways, liberate yourself from the constraints of glare bouncing off the water's surface... Witness your passion with a fresh perspective!

Winter sports sunglasses

Embrace the radiant sunlight of the mountains and surrender to the exhilarating delights of gliding!

Optimal for resilient, cutting-edge, and high-performance equipment to enhance your experience.

Driving sunglasses

Enjoy the pleasure of driving in safety: look to the reliability of a new optical experience, which combines comfort and quality.

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