Barberini® is the global point of reference for sun lenses.

Advanced solutions for any context,

from everyday use to the most extreme performance

Sport & performance

Embrace your passion to the fullest extent: whether you're conquering mountains, sailing the seas, or navigating urban roads, Barberini® cutting-edge technologies cater to the unique demands of your athletic pursuits. Beyond mere sun lenses, equip yourself with advanced technical gear that amplifies your performance potential.

Fashion & Luxury

Barberini® empowers sun lenses to become a captivating spectacle on their own. Embrace their radiance by framing them and watch your creations sparkle. When fashion and technical expertise unite, a harmonious and stylish outcome awaits.

Active & Lifestyle

With Barberini ® lenses, your eyes are fully shielded even amidst the most intense sunlight. They serve as indispensable accessories, seamlessly blending optimal protection with unmatched visual clarity. Push the boundaries of your optical experience and relish in the full splendor of your adventures!

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