Made from Trivex, a material used for military helicopters, NXT® lenses blend the sharp clarity of mineral lenses with the lightness and impact resistance of organic lenses. A hard coating prevents rainbow effects and birefringence, providing both clear vision and military-standard chemical resistance, while anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings ensure lifetime durability. Other treatments to filter blue-violet light and block 100% of UV rays are also included. Highly sensitive photochromic options are available, which adapt quickly within a wide range of protection from the perfectly clear category 0 in dull conditions to category 3, which is dark enough to offer protection against strong light and recommended for outdoor sports.​

Recommended for
Biking & Running
Water sports
Winter sports
Sunny lifestyle
Fashion & Luxury
With Barberini® lenses

KOLOR UP™ technology, designed to create color contrasts and improve depth perception, visual acuity and visual precision for higher safety can also be added, as well as polarization to reduce glare and further enhance color contrast perception.

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